We support Small and Medium Enterprises, Governments and Corporations to automate and optimise operations. We build simple, smart systems coupled with skills development programs designed for success in Africa.

Our services

Our innovation process involves observing business ecosystems and identifying opportunities for technology to make things better.


A full accounting system with features for the African SME. The first Mobile Money integrated accounting system in the world! Click the icon above and set up your business now, FREE.

FMCG Automation

We give Fast Moving Consumer Goods players full end to end visibility in real time to enable Just In Time operations to optimize sourcing, production, storage and distribution resources. We build robust JIT systems.

Mobile Payments

We have packaged mobile money services with a rich suite of Value Added Services for Telcos, merchants and last mile customers. We have revolutionised the way you pay!


We perform advanced analytics on data to derive deep insights, identifying opportunities for you to grow your business.

“Our vision is to fuse business with technology, delivering business-savvy applications to entire trade and industry value chains, to accelerate organic growth and economic development in Africa.” Francis Otim, CEO

Flagship Product: MYAccounts

MYAccounts is a full accounting system designed with features directly relevant to the African SME. It bridges the price and features gap in the accounting system market in Africa today.

MYAccounts is the world’s first mobile money-integrated accounting solution, reconciling mobile money transactions to merchant financial statements in real time.

The MYAccounts project is an effort to empower the African SME with tools and skills to start, manage and grow their businesses to improve livelihoods and contribute to macro and micro economic development across the sub-Saharan region.

Key Modules Include:


  • A multi-platform accounting system (web/mobile/desktop).

  • Mobile Money transactions reconciled to inventory, branch, salesman, cash and financial statements in real time.

  • Automated e-tax submission and payment.

  • MY-POS (Phone/Tablet) directly linked to accounting system for real time sales and inventory reconciliation.

  • Multi currency, multi branch, multi business and unlimited number of users.

Our awesome features

At SBI we have adapted a multi-layered approach to providing an end to end flow of data that guarantees full visibility:

SBI Point of Sale

POS transactions linked directly to accounting system real time. Mobile Money ready. Posts to MYAccounts, Tally and Quickbooks. Cheapest POS on the market (only phone/tablet and thermal printer required to set up, say goodbye to clunky registers!)

SBI Survey

Create data capture, customer feedback and multiple other databases with our intuitive survey mobile phone app. This form is filled in by field staff in real-time, to collect the insight you need whether offline or online. Advanced features include barcode scanner, GPS for route planning, photo and signature capture.

SBI Analytics

We show you patterns in large amounts of data, with interactive charts and graphs of what has sold the most, which day is your busiest, and what you’re about to run out of, all in real-time. Best of all, it can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


A feature within MYAccounts that automates the generation of electronic tax upload files, in formats compatible with the relevant government body. It also allows you to make tax payments via Mobile Money.

SBI Skills Program

An education and empowerment program to help SMEs improve their business skills through workshops, specialized seminars, and localized handbooks on a variety of topics such as tax, accounting, company law and system use.

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